Discreet Carry Concepts Mod 4 Clip


These are the most minimal clips on the market. AND TOUGH. You know we are all about minimalism here at TXC, so we had to offer these to you guys when we found out and tested them.

They truly are an amazing upgrade!

*Price is for 1 (one) DCC Clip, as they are sold individually

*If you need DCC Clips for your X1:Ally, you will need to purchase (2) clips, otherwise we will assume you just want (1). 

*If you need the mounting hardware to be included with the clip, please state which holster and in what position you will be attaching this clip in the notes section of your order. We will assume you already have the correct mounting hardware if not specified.

* We recommend running the 1.75" clip for standard holster ride height, 1.5" for holsters/magpouch for a higher ride height