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Which TXC Holster is right for you?

TXC X1 Holster (Shop) The most minimal and concealable holster on the market; everything you need, nothing you don’t! Predominately designed for appendix carry, the X1 also works well in the 2-5 o’clock positions due to its minimalist design.

TXC X1:Pro Holster (Shop) The X1:Pro is an upgraded version of our original X1 holster. Improvements to the structure have been made by transitioning to a one-piece folded design, while still maintaining our built-in features that actively work to provide the most concealable and comfortable holster ever. The X1:Pro offers several customization upgrades along with adjustable tension screws.

TXC X1:Beacon Holster (Shop) The X1:Beacon is a light-bearing version of the most minimal and concealable holster on the market.

TXC X1:Ally Holster (Shop) The X1: Ally is our solution to the sidecar style of carry. An attached magazine carrier is paired with the holster by either shock cord or our Steady Flex Kit to give you the most efficient and effective EDC solution.

TXC Victory Holsters (Shop) The Victory solution is a high and tight Outside the Waistband (OWB) carry. Designed to be sleek and minimal, it can easily transition from overt to covert carry with an over-shirt or light jacket.

TXC Southpaw Series (Shop) These are the options we have available for our left-handeders.

TXC Quick Ship Holsters (Shop) Quick Ship is our best selling models and are able to be made with a quicker production cycle, all the normal quality but with only a 5 to 7 business day lead time.

TXC Overstock (Shop) Our excess is your savings, due to the production process, occasionally we get left with some extra pieces. These extra pieces are combined and you get a functionally the equal holster, at a lower cost.