Frequently Asked Questions

Our Glock 9/40 options fit all double stack 9mm and .40 S&W Glock pistols, including the 19/17/22/23/26/27/45 models.

For our gun-only options, like the X1, the 43 and 43X are cross-compatible. However, with our ALLY since it has an attached mag carrier and the 43X mag is wider, these are not cross-compatible.

No, The standard Glock 43/43X/48 don’t have a rail on the bottom of the frame, like the new Glock 43X/48 MOS variant.

Yes, our P365 molds fit both the P365, the P365XL, and the P365SAS.

Our "Quick Ship" holsters are manufactured in batches of popular choices, so they have a 5-7 business day lead time target. Our "Build Your Own" holsters are all made-to-order, so they have a 4-6 week lead time target."OVRT" holster lead times are 4-6 weeks."Limited edition / Exclusive" holster lead times are 5-8 weeks.

We do our best to get orders out as quickly as possible, but since this is a hand-made item, sometimes holidays and special cases will affect this timeline. 

Because our manufacturing process is so precise, the steps are complex and expensive. Each model (gun or gun/light combo) is drawn in CAD and CNC press/trim molds are designed and CNC manufactured from those files. A lot of precision goes into machining of our molds, and afterwards they have extremely tight tolerances. This means you get a perfect fit for each model, thus it does not allow room for cross-compatibility. Even with seemingly identical firearms such as an OEM Glock vs. a P80 frame, they will not fit one another's holsters. If you have a pistol you don't see listed, please feel free to reach out to customer service with the suggestion. If we get enough demand, we might just develop it!

*Please do not write in the notes that you need a model other than the one selected. We will fulfill the order as placed in the event an option we do not have molds for is written in. This includes weapons and weapon mounted lights/lasers. If you have ANY question on fitment, please contact customer service before you order.

We have a storefront that is located at 36665 High Meadow Industrial Ln, Magnolia, TX 77355. Our Hours of operation are Mon-Fri, 10am - 4pm. The easiest and quickest way to contact us is via email ( or on one of our Social Media pages (Facebook or Instagram). We prefer this method, as we can quickly send links/photos/videos/etc. 

Our belts are manufactured at a different facility, and drop-ship to you separately. Don't worry, its on it's way and generally arrives a few days after your holster.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Please email with your concerns and allow us to troubleshoot a solution for you. We can then provide an RMA for you to return your order, assuming it's within the warranty period. 

** "Build Your Own", Overstock/limited edition holsters and apparel are not included in our return policy and will not be accepted.

Oh no! Though this is rare, sometimes stuff happens. Kydex, being a plastic, occasionally cracks, and we acknowledge this isn't your fault. Shoot us an email with your original TXC order number and some photos, and we'll get you squared away. We do ask that you use common sense, kydex is formed with heat, so if you leave your holster in your hot car and it melts, that isn't covered.

Your holster shouldn't require much cleaning other than running a dry or slightly damp towel through it to keep it clear of dust and lint. Please be aware your screws and some hardware are metal, so if you see them rusting from sweat just apply a bit of oil to them.

As with any piece of gear, we want you (the end-user) to have as much customization as possible. We send our holsters pre-tightened, but not permanently fixed. We recommend applying some blue loctite to the screws so they don't back out over time. If you lost or would like to replace your hardware, we sell kits here:

We use officially licensed Multicam patterned kydex. We do our very best to ensure each holster has as much pattern as possible, but have no control over how much pattern there is or isn't, based off holster size and location. (A light-bearing larger surface area holster will have more pattern than a small pistol only pattern based off surface area.)

Yes, all our holsters come pre-cut to accept suppressor height sights (except Dawson Precision because they're so wide) and optics (RMR, SRO, DPP, VIPER, etc.)

Yes, all our holsters come open-ended to allow the use of threaded barrels and comps, as long as they aren't wider than the exterior dimensions of the slide.

We absolutely NEVER recommend doing this. On light-bearing holsters, retention points that would normally occur around the trigger guard have to occur on the light itself. Without the light, your holster will not have proper retention and creates unsafe carrying conditions.

Yes, our website is optimized for international shipping; and shipping is calculated by your physically address at checkout, so you would need to go through that process to get a price. Please be aware we have had issues with additional customs/import costs with some countries. We will not change the price on the packing slip, nor will we cover any additional costs. We require you to be aware of the costs and procedures for shipping to your individual country. 

A concealment wing, or Modwing, is the plastic piece that sits next to the clip that pushes off your belt or waistline, keeping your pistol from tipping forward and printing (showing through your shirt). Here is a link to the Modwing with more info and photos:

Which TXC Holster is right for you?

TXC X1 Holster (Shop) The most minimal and concealable holster on the market; everything you need, nothing you don’t! Predominately designed for appendix carry, the X1 also works well in the 2-5 o’clock positions due to its minimalist design. 

TXC X1:Pro Holster (Shop) The X1:Pro is an upgraded version of our original X1 holster. Improvements to the structure have been made by transitioning to a one-piece folded design, while still maintaining our built-in features that actively work to provide the most concealable and comfortable holster ever. The X1:Pro offers several customization upgrades along with adjustable tension screws. 

TXC X1:Beacon Holster (Shop) The X1:Beacon is a light-bearing version of the most minimal and concealable holster on the market. 

TXC X1:Ally Holster (Shop) The X1: Ally is our solution to the sidecar style of carry. An attached magazine carrier is paired with the holster by either shock cord or our Steady Flex Kit to give you the most efficient and effective EDC solution.

TXC Victory Holsters (Shop) The Victory solution is a high and tight Outside the Waistband (OWB) carry. Designed to be sleek and minimal, it can easily transition from overt to covert carry with an over-shirt or light jacket.

TXC Southpaw Series (Shop) These are the options we have available for our left-handeders.

TXC Quick Ship Holsters (Shop) Quick Ship is our best selling models and are able to be made with a quicker production cycle, all the normal quality but with only a 5 to 7 business day lead time.

TXC Overstock (Shop) Our excess is your savings, due to the production process, occasionally we get left with some extra pieces. These extra pieces are combined and you get a functionally the equal holster, at a lower cost.