Build Your Own

Build Your Own - Magpouch 3.0


Over the years, our products have evolved to become simultaneously more effective and minimal; and our MAGPOUCH is no exception. 

Our 3.0 slim design sets us apart from the competition starting with the addition of a deep-index groove cutout, which allows a full purchase on the magazine for accurate and faster reloads. Extended outer flares assist in re-seating the magazine, making the end user experience all around easier. Next, we partnered with Discreet Carry Concepts to make a TXC logo'd Mod 4 clip, which comes standard by default. Lastly, we continued the two-piece design, allowing for front & back color customization. Build yours today!


* Multicam/Multicam Black patterns may vary and might not have a distinguishable pattern due to small surface area of product. 



*Available for:

- 9mm/.40S&W Glock Double Stack Magazines (17,19, 23, 26, etc.)

- 9mm Glock Single Stack Magazines (42, 43)

- 9mm Glock Single Stack Magazines (43X, 48)

-9mm/.40S&W Smith and Wesson M&P Double Stack Magazines (M&P 1.0/2.0)

- 9mm/.40S&W Smith and Wesson Single Stack Magazines (Shield 1.0/2.0)

- 9mm/.40S&W Sig Sauer Double Stack Magazine (P320)

- 9mm/.40S&W Sig Sauer Single Stack Magazine (P365)