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NeoMag Alias Belt Receiver

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The NeoMag Alias Receiver is a revolutionary new product line from NeoMag. The NeoMag Alias Belt Receiver discreetly and effectively retains your holster in a perfect upright configuration on the belt. The NeoMage Alias was designed to keep the holster extremely rigid on the belt without any tip, side-to-side. The amount of tip or sag on the belt solely depends on the belt itself. We highly recommend our TXC x NexBelt EDC belt found here: TXC x NexBelt 

**The ultra low-profile NeoMag Alias receiver comes with steel brackets to securely and discreetly attach to most tactical 1.5″ belts at or under .2″ thick

**NeoMag Alias Bottom Mount Clip sold separately 

Step 1: Attach Holster Clip
-Replaces your existing holster clip
-Engineered for incredible strength.
-The most ride height adjustability on the market!
*Top Mount fits holsters with holes on 7/8”-1” center
Materials: Anodized aluminum & steel locking tip

Step 2: Attach Receiver
-Mounted receiver makes for an incredibly rigid holster attachment
-Holster “click locks” into receiver for an incredibly secure attachment
-Attach to 1.5” Conceal Carry belts for ultimate concealability and security.
-Attach to hard surface to conveniently stow your gun
Materials: Anodized 7075 aluminum, spring loaded steel lock

Step 3: Click Holster Into Receiver
-Modular: Move your gun without unholstering!
-Security: Holster is locked in place!
-Concealable: No visible holster clip!
-Backed by lifetime warranty through NeoMag!