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The Tek-Mount™ on Duty Drop and Offset is a two part quick connect mounting system consisting of a Receiver and a 360 Insert Disk. This system provides the same function, speed, and ease of use as the Safariland® QLS but with the added ability to cant your holster instantly without the use of screws or posts. The patent pending Tek-Mount allows for 10 degree cant increments in 360 degrees. The Tek-Mount Receiver comes pre installed on the Duty Drop and Offset which is a mid-rise belt attachment made to drop your holster and clear space for a faster, cleaner draw and accommodates up to a 2.25" belt. While the Tek-Mount 360 Insert Disk is to be affixed to your holster, mag pouch, knife sheath, or any other carried gear.


1x Tek-Mount Receiver on Duty Drop and Offset
1x Tek-Mount 360 Insert Disk

Thigh Strap
3x 3/16" Posts
3x 5/16" Truss Head Screws