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Our excess is your savings, due to our manufacturing and multi-press process, occasionally we press a front in one color and back in another, which leave us with extra left over pieces. Other times, due to how the kydex is cut, patterns (like multicam black) might not be as strong. These extra pieces are combined and add to our Overstock holsters. Functionally the same, at a lower cost. 

Each holster ships with standard clip or clips (for the ALLY) and is listed with it's specific kydex attributes, options listed are non-negotiable. 

X1 holsters DO NOT ship with a modwing, but can be added with this link: https://txcholsters.com/collections/holsters/products/concealment-wing.

X1 Pro Holsters will ship with Helix and standard plastic clip.

Holsters are pre-made, and will ship out as quickly as possible.


*Holsters are added in no particular order, check the entire list for your weapon model. Once a holster is claimed, it will show "out of stock" and will be removed, we do not have extras. Check back frequently, as we'll add new options often! Overstock holsters are non-returnable or refundable.