X1: Pro


The TXC Holsters X1: Pro is an upgraded version of our original X1 holster. Improvements to the structural integrity have been made by transitioning to a one-piece folded design, while still maintaining our built-in features that actively work to provide the most concealable and comfortable holster ever.

  • Helix Technology© angles the included Discreet Carry Concepts Mod 4 clip, keeping the pistol close to your body to maximize concealment without the added width of the modwing
  • A redesigned concealment wedge with a more gradual angle maximizes comfort while still filling the space between the muzzle and your body, which actively prevents the pistol from tipping forward and printing.
  • As with all TXC holsters, each holster is cut to accommodate suppressor height sights* and optics by default. Each is also open-ended to allow the use of threaded barrels and most compensators.
  • Adjustable retention
  • Pistol-only are available under the “Gun Model” dropdown tab. (Options are specific and cannot be altered or combined.)
  • Recommended pairing with Magpouch 3.0 for spare magazine carry
  • Right-hand only, see Southpaw X1: Pro options here

*With the redesigned wedge on the X1:Pro, the concealment wedge has a minimum length required in order to be effective. With some of the micro pistols (Glock 43, Glock 26, Sig P365, etc.), extra muzzle length is added to allow the wedge to do its job.

*For other options, please build your own here